Therapies that relieve stress and aid relaxation

Stress and tension can drain your energy levels. The good news is that regular meditation, mindfulness and relaxation techniques can often help you to recover some of that energy. In my workshops, sessions and talks, I introduce a flavour of these techniques that clients can use themselves in a variety of settings. The techniques (in which I am qualified) aim to restore harmony and balance throughout the body and the mind. 

Simple meditation and mindfulness techniques These techniques are a great way of helping us to slow down, release anxieties, attain a better heart rate and breathing cycle, and be fully present, in the moment. They are calming, natural and very self-healing – allowing us, over time, to become more in tune with our deeper selves. Studies show that regular meditation practice can, over a period of time, improve brain function. I will guide you through some simple techniques that allow your body to fully relax while your mind is in a state of focused awareness, helping you to become grounded and balanced. These techniques can easily be practised at home.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) therapy A guided relaxation that allows you systematically to tense and relax groups of muscles in order to alleviate tension and relax throughout your whole body. As you comfortably recline in a chair or lie on the floor, with your eyes closed, I will gently guide you through various muscle groups asking you to tighten and relax them, allowing you to recognise the release of tension. This is done at a very gentle pace; you only contract as much as is comfortable for you. Clinical work has proven that when people understand and feel the difference between tension and relaxation, they can recognise tension in their own body and allow themselves to free it. Studies have also shown that muscles relax to a greater extent when they have first been tensed. PMR is something that can be practised regularly on your own with excellent results for releasing stress.