Your muscles: notice any tension?

Did you know there are about 650 muscles in the human body? These muscles comprise fibres that have elastic qualities. Occasionally we may suffer from muscle tension – often the result of being stressed. You'll know that feeling, I'm sure: everything is tight, painful, possibly also causing splitting headaches or backache. You may also feel that you …


Best laid plans

The weather is capable of scuppering just about any diary entry – work AND pleasure. But how do we cope with last-minute changes to our schedules? Not being able to fulfil obligations can be stressful. We may fret about the implications; we may miss something that we have been looking forward to; we may even …

Be free from stress

Yes, I believe there is an art to achieving wellbeing and relaxation. But the good news is, it’s a simple, natural and effective process. Join me in bringing balance to modern-day living and allow yourself to be free from stress.