On Simply Sitting

Allow yourself time each day to just sit and explore your 'now' … Observe, without judgement, what that feels like for you – your own private refuge.   photo ©  Rose 2014


Mindfulness: a newfangled mystery?

We hear a lot these days about mindfulness as though it's only just been invented. But the truth is, it's thousands of years old. It also happens to be a simple and effective 'tool' for helping us to create a place of calm in 21st-century living. For something so simple, mindfulness can be awfully difficult to put into words. So here …

A meditation on meditating!

You can’t step far these days without colliding with an instruction to ‘be mindful’, or to ‘meditate’ or, indeed, to ‘mindfully meditate’. There are courses, there are experts, there’s a lifetime’s worth of reading – and that’s just for starters. Of course, I’m wholly in accord that ‘mindfulness’ and ‘meditation’ are Good Things. There’s plenty …