Stress indicators: is this you?

Feeling stressed is horrid … Many of us know only too well what it’s like. But it is possible to be very stressed and not know it. Stress can be accompanied by the following:

  • A general loss of energy
  • Poor sleep pattern
  • Feelings of not coping, or things being ‘too much’
  • Not able to relax or switch off
  • Feeling anxious and ‘twitchy’
  • Constantly worrying about, or ‘short-circuiting’, on a problem
  • A change of eating habits
  • A change in how you consume alcohol (are you drinking at different times and different amounts?)
  • A change in your interest levels when it comes to socialising or communicating with people
  • A loss of patience; feeling, and being, short-tempered
  • Physical pain, such as headaches or a knot in your stomach
  • Tension around the face, neck, shoulders, upper back
  • Constant teeth clenching
  • Feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities
  • A lack of focus/interest at work …

Check Therapies that relieve stress for details on how some of the therapies I offer may be able to help.