Mindfulness: safe or savage?

It seems to be human nature that, as soon as 'the next best thing' is 'discovered' and gaining popularity, a counter-movement begins to let us know about the perceived downsides and dangers. Of course, we need to take a rounded view of all things. But we also need to experiment with what works best for …


On Simply Sitting

Allow yourself time each day to just sit and explore your 'now' … Observe, without judgement, what that feels like for you – your own private refuge.   photo ©  Rose 2014

Do you travel light?

Have you heard the saying: "Travel light, travel far"? The phrase paints quite a picture, don't you think? One zooms along with a smile on one's face, the lightness of luggage literally making it quicker for you to move. The opposite, of course, is the physical energy-sapping effort it takes to shift along a heavyweight of baggage …