Mindfulness: a newfangled mystery?

We hear a lot these days about mindfulness as though it's only just been invented. But the truth is, it's thousands of years old. It also happens to be a simple and effective 'tool' for helping us to create a place of calm in 21st-century living. For something so simple, mindfulness can be awfully difficult to put into words. So here …


On staying positive

You can’t stop the waves ... ... but you can learn to surf. jon kabat-zinn

Kill or cure?

With the 2012 Olympics just days away, the UK press has gone into overdrive citing a study (published in the Lancet, a medical journal) suggesting that inactivity is responsible for as many deaths as, for example, smoking. Apparently, one-third of adults worldwide simply don’t have enough physical activity in their lives. The UK’s National Health …