About me

I am a meditation teacher, wellbeing practitioner and writer/editor currently based in Cambridge, UK. I work with a range of holistic therapies – including progressive muscle relaxation, and energy and stress management techniques – alongside accessible meditation and mindfulness strategies to help you achieve a balanced, calm and healthy lifestyle.

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My interest in holistic ways of thinking and working began when I had my first mindfulness/meditation and yoga lessons back in the mid-1970s. My introduction to these practices, through a fabulous and nuanced teacher who ignited my desire to explore them more, took me, quite literally, to Asia (where I lived for a while) and then on a journey (taking several months) around India. A fabulous experience, of course, teaching me much – including, as Jon Kabat-Zinn says, ‘Wherever you go, there you are!’


It took a while to ‘formalise’ my long-held holistic interests, but since 2005 (and alongside my work as a journalist) I have studied for, and achieved, a range of holistic qualifications (e.g. Indian Head Massage and Relaxation Therapist) plus a qualification to teach meditation.

My personal practice, always a work in progress no matter the number of years (and still guided by fantastic teachers), is in the Soto Zen tradition; my work with others is secular.

I am passionate about how we can release ourselves from the stresses and strains of modern living. And I’m a great believer in keeping things simple, realistic and natural. Please look out for details of my classes and workshops. Thank you.

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